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BPD Treatment



If you are struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), you don’t have to go through it alone. At Revibe Therapy, we can help you with Hypnotherapy as BPD treatment. This is because, in many cases, BPD is linked with trauma and Hypnotherapy has been shown to be highly effective for trauma treatment. Our professionals at Revibe Therapy have experience working with people suffering from BPD and have helped them live happier, more fulfilling lives. Learn more about how our BPD treatment through Hypnotherapy therapy can help you by reaching out to us today.



What are some common symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder?

  • Difficulty creating healthy boundaries
  • Difficulty regulating emotions
  • Self-mutilating and other self-harm behavior
  • Susceptibility to addiction
  • Anti-social behavior
  • Impulsivity
  • Difficulty maintaining quality relationships

The above list is not comprehensive and does not include all of the symptoms and behaviors those suffering from BPD may experience. However, they do reflect some of the more common and serious symptoms. If you believe you could benefit from BPD treatment at Revibe Therapy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help.


Identify and Work Through Traumatic Events


Learn to Create Healthy Boundaries


Learn to Regulate Your Emotions


Improved Overall Mood and Satisfaction

What is BPD?

BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder is a type of personality disorder that can affect many aspects of one’s life. Most notably, people who suffer from BPD face difficulties surrounding stable moods, relationships, and behaviors. At Revibe Therapy, we find that much of the time, the root of the problem stems from previous trauma. This tends to be the focus of our BPD treatment — focusing on the trauma and helping patients work through it in a safe environment through Hypnotherapy. 

We find that many people with BPD need and want help, especially when it comes to emotional regulation. Some believe that they can work through it on their own and don’t need help. While this may be true, asking for help can make the healing process significantly easier and faster. Don’t choose to suffer longer than necessary, reach out for the help you need at Revibe Therapy. You wouldn’t try to treat a broken leg on your own. Along the same line of thinking, you shouldn’t try to treat a mental disorder on your own.

BPD Treatment at Revibe Therapy vs DBT

DBT or Dialect Behavior Therapy is generally the most common treatment method for BPD. But, we believe that our BPD treatment through Hypnotherapy is equally effective. This is because our approach focuses on the trauma first, then the personality disorder aspect. We find that once the root trauma has been effectively dealt with through Hypnotherapy and guided imagery, the BPD treatment becomes less difficult.


Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissists

The unfortunate truth of BPD is the fact that many times they tend to attract narcissistic personalities. Because people suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder tend to have difficulties setting boundaries and have poor self-worth, they can be easier to manipulate. Narcissists thrive on personalities that they can take advantage of and easily manipulate, like those with low self-worth and difficulties creating boundaries. This solemn arrangement often leaves the person with BPD feeling worse and spiraling deeper into their affliction. In some cases, those with BPD resort to self-mutilating and other self-harm behaviors.

Additionally, those with BPD are at higher risk of developing addictions of any kind. The combination of difficulty with boundaries, insecurity, and deep sadness that accompany this disorder lead many to turn to drugs, sex, alcohol, or other addictions in their lives.

Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissists

At Revibe Therapy, you can turn to us not only for BPD treatment but a variety of other mental health services as well. We offer telehealth services, hypnotherapy, and more. Our professionals have years of experience and are here to help you however they can. Whether it be with BPD treatment, working through trauma with hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, we are the ones you can turn to. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or are ready to schedule your appointment, feel free to reach out to us at any time.