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Sexual Trauma Therapy

Summary of the phases of Hypnotherapy Sexual Trauma Therapy

Phase 1: History and Treatment Planning

During the first phase of sexual assault therapy, your Revibe Therapy professional will gather history from you in a safe and confidential way. We then talk to you about any symptoms you may be experiencing, troubling behaviors, or other problem areas. From there, we work together to determine if Hypnotherapy is a safe option for your particular situation and create a treatment plan should you decide to move forward.

Phase 2: Preparation

During this phase, your doctor at Revibe Therapy will prepare you and set expectations for the sessions to come. You’ll discuss what the process may look like and address any questions that may arise. This is the phase where you get an idea of what to come, what’s expected of you, and what you can expect of your doctor. You should end this phase with a clear idea of what you will experience during the remaining phases.

Phase 3: Assessment

During this phase, you and your therapist will attempt to identify the traumatic images and memories that you believe are problematic. This is where your Revibe Therapy therapist will help you identify your positive and negative images to be used in later phases. You may also be asked to rate your emotional disturbance during this phase.

Phase 4: Desensitization

This is the heart of Hypnotherapy for sexual trauma. This is where you will be asked to recall your traumatic memory while your therapist engages you in bilateral brain stimulation. This is the process that helps to reduce the power your traumatic memories hold over you and your emotions. 

Phase 5: Installation

During this phase, your therapist will continue to engage you in bilateral brain stimulation whether it be through a pendulum tool or having you tap alternating hands on the table. This is where your Hypnotherapy professional will help guide you through replacing those negative images and emotions with positive ones.

Phase 6: Body Scan

During this phase, your therapist will ask you to recall your traumatic memory while holding the positive cognition you chose earlier in your mind. While you are doing this, your therapist will be vigilant of signs of residual tension and trauma being held in the body. Should there be any concerns, these will be the target areas for future sessions.

Phases 7&8: Closure and Reevaluation

Phases 7 and 8 are generally straightforward. This is where you will hopefully gain closure after your sexual trauma experience and your therapist will evaluate progress and next steps.

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