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Depression, or the feelings of hopelessness and wanting to give up, is a serious condition that when left untreated, can lead to serious negative impacts, including suicide. Frustration can be a major cause of depression, as it is a sign that what you have been doing has not been working. When you continue to carry out the same actions and nothing changes, it becomes more possible that you will feel like giving up.

Severe depression, or despair, is when a person’s thoughts transform into internal, repeated phrases such as: “Nothing will ever work, everyone hates me, no one loves me, I am never going to make it, or something bad is going to happen.” When looking at severe depression, it is important to first understand what is causing frustrations in someone’s life. Frustration is often caused by stress and anxiety, when a person’s thoughts become too disorganized and overwhelming. Disorganized thoughts and uncertainty about what steps to take can lead people to feel as though they are unable to achieve goals. For college students, these are not only academic goals, such as grades, but sometimes personal goals as well. Each time a student feels as though they are falling behind and not achieving their goals, anxiety can become more intense, therefore making their depression worse as well.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression can help stop the cycle of negative thoughts. If your depression or anxiety is getting in the way of your life, Revibe Therapy in Winter Park and Lake Nona can help. Get in touch with us today.



Whether our issues are related to school, a job, family relationships, or something else, life problems can make us perceive that what we are doing is not working. When this occurs, the mind will increase our feelings of frustration until we can no longer handle it and depression and anxiety begin to take over and interfere with everyday life.

When problems start to arise within these aspects of life, everything from our view of our existence, our perceived value, our world view, thought patterns, behavior, and our spirituality can shift as well. Commonly, people take medications in order to get by without addressing the root of what is causing their anxiety or depression.

When you can identify your negative patterns of thinking, where you learned them, and the purpose that kind of thinking served, you can begin to get to the root of your problems. Finding the root of these problems is critical in order to permanently solve them. Hypnotherapy can help discover these root causes. If you’re unsure whether you are truly suffering from depression or anxiety, take our patient questionnaire for depression and anxiety now. If you’re struggling, contact Revibe Therapy in Winter Park and Lake Nona to get started with hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression today.


DEPRESSIONIf there were such a thing as an “Exercise Pill,” it would be the number one recommended pill in the world! Exercise has many benefits not only for physical health, but mental health as well. Exercise allows for more oxygen and glucose to circulate to the brain, allowing you to focus and think more clearly. Exercise is amazing, especially when paired with a quality diet. Exercise also stimulates the release of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin which directly impact your mood and mental state. In order to get the best results from Revibe Therapy, we recommend beginning an exercise regimen along with your hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression. To learn more, contact us at Revibe Therapy today.


Although exercise plays a large role in mental and physical health, it is not the only factor. A healthy diet can work wonders for your mental and physical health as well. Insulin plays a significant part in maintaining a healthy metabolism and blood sugar plays a big part in regulating your mood. In order to maintain insulin and blood sugar, a healthy diet is required. Cutting down on sugar and eating foods rich in nutrients such as protein can help aid in controlling levels of insulin and blood sugar.

Testosterone can also fluctuate with blood sugar levels, so men with low testosterone often have high levels of anxiety, depression, frustration, and a low tolerance for stress. On the psychological side, testosterone thrives on winning, so if you feel like you are losing, testosterone decreases. The same can be said when women have decreased estrogen. Low estrogen in women can invite depression, mood swings, hot flashes, headaches, migraines, irregular periods, and UTI infections.

Because of these effects, it is important to regulate your diet and ensure that you are keeping your insulin and blood sugar at an acceptable level. While diet is not the only thing that can perpetuate anxiety and depression, a bad diet will make it worse. In order to ensure you see the best results from our hypnotherapy treatments for depression and anxiety here at Revibe, be sure to maintain a healthy diet as well. Contact us today to start hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression.


Boredom is a product of not having any defined goals, any challenges, or objectives, which can lead to frustration. Being bored is a feeling that portrays that you are not running on the same path as your own genetics, which are designed to thrive by sacrifice (doing the things you need to do) and then reward (doing the things you want). Without setting definitive goals that you’re aiming to achieve, a lack of purpose starts setting in, leading to hopelessness and later depression. Boredom is the fast-track to depression, as it takes less time to cause depression and anxiety than any of the issues listed above.

In order to resolve these feelings of boredom and frustration, it is important to change your path. It is important to understand that changing your path and doing things differently than usual can lead to feelings of anxiety. Because change brings uncertainty, it is common for people to feel anxious about where this new path will lead them.

Making a conscious effort to understand that you may encounter anxiety, but still making a change is a big part of overcoming frustration. Hypnosis for anxiety and depression can also help. A psychotherapist here at Revibe Therapy can help you understand the step-by-step process that you should follow in order to make changes while minimizing the amount of anxiety and depression you are faced with. Alternative medicine, such as hypnotherapy, is an easy way to rebalance and reduce uncertainty. Hypnotherapy, offered here at Revibe Therapy in Winter Park and Lake Nona, will help you reach the root of your feelings, so that your subconscious can begin to work with you and not against you.Get in touch with a professional here at Revibe Therapy today to get started.

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