Sports Are 90% Mental And 10% Physical

Overtraining in your chosen sport is like choosing to go against a strong river current, a current which has been intentionally designed to carry you to victory.

Focusing on the mental side however, allows you to practice, conserve your energy, and then explode at the right place, the right time, and with the right mind.

Peak Recovery Becomes Peak Performance

Too many athletes are doing way too much, training way too hard, and end up close to exhaustion or injury by the time the event actually happens.

Less is more. There is a time for everything. Optimizing balance between training time and recovery time will expand mental and physical capabilities effortlessly.

Mentally training your brain through imagery leads to improved motor performance. Science has shown that thinking about flexing a muscle actually strengthens that muscle, because the same brain and motor pathways involved in actually flexing the muscle are activated.

Similarly, imagining oneself successfully going through all the steps of an activity decreases anxiety and improves performance.

Hypnotherapy and visualization (Guided Imagery) grants access to being in the zone or in a flow state through mind exercises and training on being present.

Let Your Subconscious Handle It

Your subconscious is the one who learned how to play your sport for you anyway, why not just allow yourself to enjoy your game instead?

Fear and stress are an athlete’s worst nightmare. Even if practice seems flawless, some talented champions freeze in competition, due to the absence of a calm mind.

As you’ve spent time training your mind to be at peace under pressure, then the fear of success, failure, embarrassment, injury, or pain have nothing on you.

The Most Powerful Version Of Yourself

This version of yourself is a mastery of its own.When you’ve separated from impulses and rely on consistency, you can then call out to it at will.

Training your mind is the greatest gift you will ever give yourself, because once you do, everything else comfortably falls into place:

Promises are kept, challenges are won, personal records are reached, all while executing your thoughts into action at the highest level you could ever imagine.

In Peace Lies Immeasurable Strength

Invest in peace, tranquility, and resolve in your life. Get rewarded with becoming the most powerful version of yourself.

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