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Here at Revibe Therapy in Winter Park and Lake Nona, we see clients develop healthy habits through hypnotherapy all year round. However, the new year provides a special opportunity to make a fresh start and set resolutions to jump-start your healing journey. Whether that means smoking cessation or anxiety therapy, we’re here to help! We put together a list of 10 mental health New Year’s resolutions. Let’s make this year a healthy and happy one and take control of our mental health. Continue reading to learn more and we hope that you try to incorporate these suggestions into your own life in the new year and the new decade.

As you read, remember that it’s just as important to have realistic expectations. While it would be nice to wake up on January first and have all of our problems melt away, the reality is that we all live with our own challenges. You can’t expect to have everything change at once, but we can build regular habits, and that may mean combining the following resolutions with hypnotherapy for anxiety or depression.



Exercise may be an obvious New Year’s resolution, but it’s not always put in the context of mental health. While you may also want to exercise to get a stronger, healthier body, exercise is also one of the best things you can do for your mental health. Regular exercise boosts endorphins and you don’t have to do a ton to see positive results on your mood. It’s also a great way to support another resolution, like smoking cessation.


You can think of meditation as exercising your brain, and it has similar holistic benefits. Here at Revibe Therapy, we highly recommend using a meditation app to keep you track and provide structure. You can also try using YouTube to learn breathing techniques. If these structured meditations aren’t for you, you can try meditative activities, such as setting aside some time to color in a coloring book.


It’s a simple statement, but doing what you love can change your life. If you suffer from anxiety, it can feel like you’re running on a treadmill trying to complete a never ending todo list. If you have depression, you may find yourself withdrawing from things that brought you joy. Even if it’s hard, doing things that have previously brought you happiness, like painting, singing, playing sports, will likely start to bring you joy if you can create space to do them regularly. Whether that means turning up the music when you make dinner or signing up for a class, setting a resolution to do what makes you happy is one of the best things you can do for your mental health.


When we’re stressed, one of the first things to go is a regular sleep schedule. It may seem like staying up a few extra hours to get something done will help relieve stress the next day, a good night’s sleep is one of the best forms of anxiety therapy you can get. One of the comments we get from our hypnotherapy clients is that their time at Revibe Therapy is one of the few places where they can fully relax. We can help you learn to relax so that when you go to sleep each night you can draw on those skills.


This new year, set the resolution to give back. Volunteering and helping those in need gives you a purpose and helps you make a difference in your community. One of the symptoms of depression is the feeling that you can’t make a difference in the world. Giving back helps you combat that feeling and can help you find a healthier, more stable mindset. It is humbling and healthy, not to mention an awesome way to spend your new year.


Most of us scroll on our phone or work on a computer at least once a day, if not more. Our contemporary world is driven by technology, but that doesn’t mean we should let that technology run our lives and determine our happiness. If it’s hard for you to set down your phone, start small. Put your phone away in a different room and go for a walk or read a book. If you want to try something larger, try unplugging one day a week, say from after work on Friday until you fall asleep on Saturday. It may seem tough, but it will encourage you to make plans earlier and also gives you the freedom to spend more quality time with yourself and others.


We’ve already said that exercise is great for your mental health, but getting outside in natural is also a great way to lift your mood. Even if you just take time to walk around the block, it’s amazing to see how much just being outside can do to help you feel better. If you’re working on smoking cessation, you may be used to heading outside for a smoke break. Instead of grabbing a cigarette, try shifting that habit to taking a walk. Not only will you get much needed exercise, you’ll also get the benefits of being out in nature.


Our hypnotherapy clinic is committed to helping people live a happier, healthier life. We love setting New Year’s resolutions and we think that one of yours should be contacting us to see what hypnotherapy can do for you!

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