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Have you ever been talking to an old friend and they bring up an event that you shared years ago, but their memory of the day is radically different than yours? Maybe you argue about what actually happened. Or their version of events spurs you to remember something you have entirely forgotten until that moment. This is an example of how memory is subject to change over time.

Sometimes, the memory is a terrifying or traumatic event rather than a shared experience with a friend. Such repressed memories can be painful and challenging to deal with as they resurface. As always, we suggest seeing a psychologist and psychiatrist if you’re experiencing significant mental health problems. Along with traditional treatments, though, there is alternative medicine like hypnotherapy that can be a very effective form of depression and anxiety therapy. Contact Revibe Therapy in Winter Park and Lake Nona to learn more about how hypnotherapy can help with psychological problems, and continue reading to learn more about the connection between hypnosis and memory. MALLEABLE MEMORIES


While it can be scary to think that your memory is subject to change, or that you have repressed certain memories, the brain is an ever-changing, malleable organ. More so, the stories we tell ourselves have the power to change how we think about the past and about ourselves. Memory is also collective, meaning that if a group of people tells and retells a story over and over again, the retelling of that story can become the memory of the event, even if some details are inaccurate.

These are all examples of malleable memories. Your malleable memories include both the mundane — like whether you locked the back door when you left for work. Or they could include something incredibly important, like an eyewitness recalling a crime or remembering past trauma.


The malleability of our memory can lead to false memories and false recollections. Research, like this article in Psychology Today, has shown that when people are given false information, they become convinced that event occurred, even if the event didn’t occur and they have no real memory of it happening.

The phrase “implanting false memory” sounds terrifying, like something out of a science fiction novel. Things like altered images can convince people that false events in the past have occurred. Most people think of memory like a video camera, and that we all have this perfect film of what happened somewhere in our brain (even if we can’t access it all the time). But like we said above, memory is malleable, and memories can be planted. To learn more, check out this Slate article on psychologist Elizabeth Loftus’s studies on memory. And, as always, our professionals at Revibe Therapy in Winter Park and Lake Nona are happy to talk with you about all things hypnotherapy — including how hypnotherapy can help with memory and with anxiety therapy.


Because hypnosis allows for quick access to your subconscious mind, you can often reveal memories that are unavailable to the conscious mind. Hypnotherapy is a powerful form of alternative medicine, as it combines both hypnosis and psychotherapy.

Hypnosis can allow you to more easily access memory that may have been repressed. People under hypnosis have been able to recall repressed memory, like memories of childhood abuse, can also be an effective form of anxiety therapy, and help people overcome their symptoms of PTSD. Essentially, hypnosis can be used as a tool to help people uncover and recalling memories of very difficult events, especially things that they didn’t understand at the time. It is very important, though, that you are ready to confront and handle these memories as they come up. It is best to deal with intrusive memories when they occur, because if left untreated they can continue to negatively affect your life.


Here at Revibe Therapy, our hypnotherapy professionals are always happy to consult with clients about how hypnosis can help with issues like memory loss and repressed memory. We also have experience with using hypnotherapy for anxiety therapy. We always encourage our clients to consult with their doctor and use hypnotherapy in conjunction with other therapies, like medication prescribed by a psychiatrist or going to regular therapy sessions with a psychologist. Learn more about hypnotherapy, alternative medicine, and anxiety therapy here on our blog and contact us today to schedule a consultation in Winter Park and Lake Nona.

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